Joshua Banman

Joshua is an interdisciplinary storyteller, working with acting, writing, songwriting, film and animation.

Artist statement

Joshua Banman is an experimental storyteller - creating stories that explore themes of love, special relativity, quantum mechanics, technology, economics and asking what it means to be a human in the 21st century.

Using live performance, film, song and animation, Banman's process is guided by the scientific method - establishing hypotheses on the nature of reality and how art can influence and inform its audience, developing experiments that give the most potential to disprove that hypothesis, and using subtle observation methods and data capture to interpret the results.

Joshua’s current artistic research is focused on the determinative nature of storytelling, exploring the power of the stories we tell ourselves and how the technologies we use to share stories may amplify their outcomes.

Recent Posts

Chautauqua Live

Chautauqua Live

A live-streamed, multi-camera, artist showcase